Friday, December 30, 2005

Zodiac can be fun!

I love reading horoscopes. Could it be a guily pleasure? Most people think its silly but its fun to read. Some people believe that the predictions and traits mentioned in the horoscopes are really broad and can appeal to most people. I tend to lean in a different direction, but thats just because all of the things written about my sign are generally true. So you can see how I get caught up in the predictions and expected attitudes and feelings from these horoscopes.

On that note.... I present the Cosmopolitan Bedside Astrologer for 2006.

If you couldn't tell, I am a pisces. Water sign, romantic, all the generalizations for a pisces fits right to me.
Check this out....

Why you Blow Guy's Minds In Bed
~Your near-psychic abilities let you pinpoint the passion position he's craving.
~You vocalize your emotions, so you can't help cooing to your man about how amazing you feel in his arms.
~Your imagination is the wildest in the zodiac, providing a never-ending source of frisky fantasies to act upon.

The sex predictions are my favorites.

I also favor checking into my favorite guy's zodiac sign too. Guilty pleasure #2.

The Stallion just happens to be a Gemini. I have never been with a Gemini. Let me tell you, they are freaks. I knew this before even opening up this magazine. Check THIS out...

What Makes a Gemini Man So Sexy
~He's eager to make any fantasy you can think up (tame or torrid) come true.
~His stellar oral skills - talk about BLISS - will make you moan for more, and wonder how he got so good.
~He's loaded with energy, and that means he's always ready to get randy - anytime, anyplace.

From what I have seen and *ahem* felt so far, these are all true. This bedside astrologer also gives tips on "how to win his heart"
For my Gemini.... I can.... "Impress him with your brains as well as beauty. A chick who reads the paper and can talk intelligently about current events gets him hooked. If you manage to snag a reservation at the trendiest new resturaunt, you'll rush to the top of this scenester's list."
Ok hold on. Yes he does find me to be very cute when wearing my glasses but we dont shop talk current events that often if ever. And secondly, I would never call my Gemini a "scenester". If I can get dinner from McDonald's one night of the week, and make spagetti another, I can make my man eternally happy. And that makes me happy. So much of the happy going around.

The last thing from this ever so handy Astrology guide is "Your Hottest Love Matches". For those who have never checked into your Year Round Astrology Calender, you dont know what this is. It basically a Pisces+Gemini= "whatever the forecast predicts".
Here it is.... Pisces+Gemini 2006
He cracks you up, and his masterful bedroom maneuvers wipe you out. (THATS TRUE LMAO) But you're never positive where you stand. (how ominous!)
We got 2 roses in the Love catagory which means that "There's potential" and 3 flames in the Sex catagory which means that we are a "red hot duo". *hands over mouth* hehehehe.

Little side note, this thing predicts Ryan Gosling *swoon* as my ultimate sex match because he is a scorpio (who are killers in bed) and guess who they paired me with as my ultimate love match? He's a capricorn. He's my secret fantasy sexy hot boy. You know who it is.... ORLANDO BLOOM. I would D.I.E. But that was just totally unrelated to my previous train of thought. Orlando sometimes does that to me....
There last bit of crucial information that they had to share with me was this:
Your Essential Element: Water (Duh) Though intuitive, your dreaminess leaves you foggy-headed when it comes to love.
So You Need: A sensual guy who will keep you grounded.

What if I like that foggy-headed feeling??


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