Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brad Pitt's baby

I am a dreamer. Not in the daydreaming sense of the word, but in the literal sense. I dream almost every night and 9 out of 10 days, I can still remember that dream past my morning latte. Last night was no exception, with the one exception that its now 3:30 in the afternoon and after my latte, my turkey sandwhich, my cherry coke, and 17 total calls from pissed off motor home owners, I can still remember the smallest details of my dream last night.

You know how they say it takes at least an hour to reach the REM (which I always believed to be a band) stage before you actually dream? I dont think this is true. They also say that your dreams only last a matter of minutes total. I dont think this is true either. I mean, really, how can these researchers really determine that? You cant crawl into someone's head and click your stopwatch at the start of your dream, as well as at the end. I think that's impossible. My dreams last hours if I'm lucky enough to be caught in a good one. Last night's was pretty fine indeed. Well if I think about it, it wasn't a good feeling story, but I am catagorizing it as good because Bratt Pitt was in it.
[We are NOT talking about dirty Angelina pleasing, Jennifer heartbreaking, mess he has become. My Brad was cleaner. ]

First I was walking with someone down a road, and we were passing a yoga place. People were doing the most elaborate yoga positions and my partner [unamed and no face or recollection of WHO this person was] starts complaining about how those yoga people can bend like that. So then we see this hottie who looks just like Sophia Bush being yelled at by the instructor. Transport me into her body. I'm lookin good as Sophia Bush. Score! Ok so now I am getting yelled at. Not good. Anyways, my instructor tells me that I have to go cash 3 checks. One is for a huge amount of money because its for someone else's very expensive perscription. For what drug, I dont know, so dont ask. The other two are funds for this instructor. Why she is sending me as Sophia Bush, I do not know. All I know is I feel really pissed off that this bendy yoga bitch is yelling at me. So I leave the yoga place and I start towards this busy street. Me as Sophia looks down, and wow! Look how pregnant I am. And facing a very busy street to cross. The pregnant crazy me as Sophia thinks that it is awfully rude of these people not to stop for the very sexy and very pregnant Sophia. So I start dodging cars and somehow, end up across the street. I guess I know where I am going and end up in a mall, that happens to have the branch of bank I need. Well I never get to the bank. I blow the first two checks on clothes in typical Sophia Bush as Brooke would do. And I am a hot pregnant woman after this. More hot than before. So then I end up in some place, which is indescribable, and here I am with my husband who just so happens to be Brad, whom I can only land thinking I am Sophia Bush. My dream self esteem is so high, can you tell?

Anyways, he is talking about going to Vegas for 5 hours with his friends. At this point, I think we are in Tahoe. So you can see the demographic delema of the space between Tahoe and Vegas. Anyways, my pregnant self gets very angry at how selfish this is and I run waddle to the bathroom. He follows me and for whatever reason, on the wall, I can see myself and shaved head Brad fooling around, like an old movie. I point and say "See! See what we were doing here LAST year at this time. And now you want to leave me to go to Vegas." So I guess we fooled around last year in that Tahoe bathroom. Too bad I didn't dream THAT part. Then I am worrying about the expensive prescription check I didnt cash because now the bank is closed. Then I left Brad behind and went to another party, not pregnant.

What does that mean? Anyone?

I didn't think so...


Anonymous Lucy said...

Oh - i don't know. Too much dreaming going on girl.

Maybe you need less coffee, less TV watching.. he he he..

7:47 PM  
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