Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Customer Gripe of the Day

Wanna know something that bothers me? Grown people who are stupid. I know, this is such a broad range of people, but these people in this particular group really get to me. I never talk much about who I am outside these insane thoughts in my head, and really, what would be the point since this is my blog and I can write whatever I want?

Anyways, I work one of the most thankless, horrid jobs in the country, but they pay me good so that quiets my screams while walking into this building 5 days a week for 8 and a half hours a day. I am a customer service slave. I have worked customer service for 5 years. It's not retail anymore which was 1000 times worse and also face to face which runs the threat of being spit on while being yelled at. Its all over the phone with my trusty MUTE button to mute my sarcastic remarks that fill my previously mentioned smart ass mouth every 10 minutes of the day, type of customer service. For the most thankless and horrid jobs, this is the best kind. Add to it the discomfort of doing customer service for a LARGE RV manufacturer, and here I am. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

People who own RV's are great. My parents have had one since I was a kid. I spent countless summers in their motor home traveling all over the great USA. I haven't hit every state, but we got the majority of the Southern states, plus up and down the East and West coast, out of the way. Best times of my life. I cannot wait to find someone who will be willing to travel this country with me again. I cannot wait to be able to get my own RV but let me tell you something, all this RV customer service is teaching me not only more information about motor homes than any human should know, but also enough to learn which kind to buy and definitely which kind NOT to buy. That being said....

Some motor home owners are grown people who are stupid. Wow - they fall into the category of "things that bother me", wouldn't you know it? We get every letter that is written in complaint and in compliment of our company, right here to this office. We are the only department that handles customers in this multi-million dollar corporation. Here is my Customer Gripe of the Day:

Don't you think that if, in the year 2006, you were composing a letter to the president of the company that manufactures your motor home, requesting that he buy back your supposed "lemon", that you would at least spell check said letter? Or at least take notice of the red squiggly line that your Microsoft word document has to be showing you, right click, and fix the spelling of a STATE? You don't even have to think what the correct spelling of this states is! The computer will do all that hard thinking for you! This will maybe, but most likely not, get your letter taken seriously! Please!! Please spare me the enjoyment of laughing at your letter and writing about you in my blog! If I was the CEO of this company, I would have laughed at the letter and given it to my minions to respond to and file. All because you are too lazy to spell check.

FYI: This post was indeed, NOT spell checked.


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