Monday, January 09, 2006

Did Someone Say Happy New Year?

It's 2006. It's 9 days into 2006. Already. Where the hell did 9 days go? It seems like just last night I was throwing up Vodka. Ok in reality, that part of the night was a blur. New Years did not go as planned but the first day of the year was frighteningly perfect. Ok, squirming around on a twin size bed on top of a Dollz comforter wasn't exactly romantic, but my friend texting "You have 5 minutes!" certainly added to the atmosphere. I felt like a naughty teenager again. [Remember "naughty teenager" for later role playing] In light of my recent love life, I don't think I was blessed with that whole "getting caught being exciting" feeling. Getting caught would suck right now. Now having sex without worrying about whether or not the door is locked is a dream I hope to make a reality sometime this year. Add that to my list of resolutions.

Oh I did make one this year. I never do. I dont see the point because I never keep them. Ever. Not one. But this year's is to get back in shape. Yes, I am skinny. Not Paris Hilton Skinny but old Lindsay Lohan skinny without the fat legs, before she starved herself into skeleton form. I dont need to loose weight. I just need to tone. Don't you love that word? Tone. It sounds so stupid. I guess with a musical background and not a physical background, it just sounds funny to me when used to refer to my body.

Since I am new to this whole independent blogging thing, can someone explain to me what a blogroll is? It sounds like a secret club but I am beginning to think it isn't. I don't want to add my own blogroll of blogs that I love to check into, only to find out that I am breaking some secret rule of blogging. How scary to be extradited for doing something you don't know you are doing. Especially in the high pressure world of personal blogs. So what. Can I just start linking blogs that I love to check out under the appropriate "my blogroll" heading? Or do I have to ask permission from the blog gods first? Someone spare me the humiliation and let me in on the secret. Your karma points will skyrocket, I promise.


Blogger NinaKaye said...

a blogroll is just a list of links to the blogs you like or read or whatever. go to to fix one up the easy way (although sometimes that sight goes down and sucks, but overall I like it).

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Just add the folks you your site. I don't use blogroll but the previous poster has explained it correctly - just a tool to make it simiplier to add the sites.

Meant to get by your site earlier..but i've been out of town..and catching up on some reading.

When i started this blog stuff - i had similar questions. It can be addicting. smile..

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

1:09 AM  

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