Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monday and Tuesday Meme

I had to include Monday's today since I slacked off and didn't do it yesterday :p

Monday's a Bitch

1. Would you ever lead someone on if it was financially beneficial to you?
Wow thats jacked up! I guess my answer would be no. I see myself in that position right now so the answer is definitely no! My husband is going to school to be in the medical field. Once he succeeds, he will be making fat cash. Right now, the thought of that kind of future security would NOT be enough to keep me in this relationship.

2. Whats the most expensive thing you own?
Thats hard... cars are always expensive but the car I drive is not in my name so really it belongs to my husband. Most of my stuff is like that. (jacked up, I know) Right now, I cant consider the things we have as mine, just his. Something thats all mine would be my digital camera, I guess.

3. What's more important, job satisfaction or a fat paycheck?
A fat paycheck is definitely helpful! Its the money that keeps me where I am now. But if I had the opportunity to make more in a better place, I would. I cant see myself staying in a place where I am not satisfied.

4. How much money would it take for you to whore yourself out?
Some where in the high hundreds of thousands to millions. I have a lot of self worth but I have to say there is a price for everything, except of course true love.

5. Would you be morally opposed to stealing something if you knew you could?
If I knew 100% that I could get away with it, why not? Well I guess it does depend on what it is and who I would be directly damaging by stealing that item.

Ten On Tuesday

10 Favorite Childhood Fairytales
1. Cinderella
2. There used to be these stories about a toad. I dont remember alot of the details but those books were some of my favorites. If anyone can remember, let me know.
3. Where the Wild Things Are
4. The Princess and the Pea (greedy little girl!)
5. The Fox and the Hound
6. The Three Little Pigs
7. Red Riding Hood
8. Hansel and Gretel
9. Beauty and the Beast
10. Sleeping Beauty