Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Meme

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I know I had a great Saturday/Very Early Sunday Morning. Maybe if you are lucky, I'll spill the dirty details [wink]

Here is Monday's Meme

Monday's a Bitch

1. Do you have a problem admitting you're wrong?
I wouldn't say so. If I am really wrong about something serious, I'll say so. If its something to joke about, I'll fight to be right but thats just out of fun.

2. Would you rather watch someone important walk out of your life or beg them to stay?
Beg them to stay. Easy one. I have watched too many important people walk out of my life and everytime, I have let them. I dont want that to happen anymore.

3. Are you the kind of person who would rather try your best and fail, or not try for fear of failure?
That one is a little harder. I would say that now, I would rather try and fail, knowing that I tried my best. If I dont try, I will always say "what if".

4. Have you ever expressed interest in someone high above your status, where your chances of being rejected were very high?
No I always aim low. lol NO! I went after a guy who I thought was more popular than me in high school. I got rejected but not because he was snobby, we were good friends.

5. If you made a contribution to a charity, would you want credit, or would giving be enough?
Giving should always be enough. I think that volunteering is important because you can understand that what you are doing or what you are giving, is really helping someone in the long run. Thats enough for me.