Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday Meme

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Places In Your Hometown

(I'm going to list Wrightwood, CA as my hometown since I ran those streets the most lol)

1. The Sandwhich Shop - The name escapes me but those sandwhiches and smoothies were the bomb.
2. The candle store - I love Yankee Candles
3. Mountain High - good times up there
4. El Mirage - Not IN Wrightwood but somewhere I hung out alot in high school
5. Jensen's Market - Not a chain store. They had the most awesome fresh peppered turkey and provolone. And I remember the smell of the coffee grinder and how it was in the back corner by the stationary.
6. The Library - They had this cool cat that used to hang out with the librarian. They always had books for me.
7. The Saloon - one word - KARAOKE! And bomb ass pizza.
8. The elementry school - We used to go there at night and swing and play in the sprinklers, or just sit in the field and talk.
9. My house - big time hangout place
10 - The Streets - I say this because we used to walk EVERYWHERE. You could walk into town in about 15 minutes and I will always remember the smell of the pinetrees and the fresh air. I loved those walks. I want to go back so badly. Did you know that the trunk/bark of pine trees smells like a combination of vanilla and bananas? Thats a mountain girl for ya! Tree Sniffer.... ;-)

All this talk about Wrightwood makes me want to take a trip up there. I haven't been back in over 5 years. The last time I was up there, I was pregnant. I want to rent a cabin for the weekend. It has to have a fireplace and a private hot tub (outside). I want to take walks into town to eat sandwiches and have smoothies, window shop at all the antique shops. Then I want to go up the mountain a little further and maybe hike and just enjoy the fresh air and the company I am with. [sigh] Maybe someday soon....


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