Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tuesday Meme

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Want, But Don't Need

1. Definetly an Ipod. I seriously want one of these. With the amount of music I listen to, I should have one.
2. A Laptop. This would make being online all night sooo much easier!
3. An Armada. My dream car right now! Such an upgrade from my 2001 Escape!
4. A new wardrobe. I have some good clothes, a few pieces here and there, but I can totally re-do my wardrobe and be happy.
5. Another digital camera. I have one but I want a better one. Remember - this is about what I WANT!! lol
6. Unlimited flyer miles. I dont have any so why not go big and want unlimited?
7. A new cell phone. The one I have now kicks ass and I love it but there are better one's out there and why shouldn't I have one?
8. My own domain. I soooo dont need one as I have a happy home on blogger but it would still be nifty right?
this is getting hard.
9. A new husband. God knows I dont NEED another man in my life telling me what to do (lol) but I sure want the one I got lined up. I'll even go far enough to say that I cant wait to take orders from him as a good wife should. (LMAO)
10. A disco. Can you tell that I sooo ran out of ideas by number 10? Can you suggest something better?


Blogger NinaKaye said...

After having my laptop for a couple of weeks, I'll say it's been pretty cool. Even though my husband won't spring for the wireless networking in our house so I have to stay within the cords length to the desktop...I can sit on the couch and it's nice.
I'd like a new car too, or hell, a car period. We only have one and I hate being stuck at home all day.
I need a wardrobe period. I have like 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts and about 15 tshirts and that's it.
I'm always wanting a new digital camera, but when I had the chance to get one, I changed my mind.
New cell phone, yep! I've only had mine about 2 weeks and I already want a different one. haha
I have my own domain, some days I wish I'd stuck with blogspot.
As for 1, 6, 9, and 10. I'll pass. heh

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