Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Relay for Life 2006

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend and work the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in our little city. The picture to the left is my Sunshine and the Stallion walking in the final lap of the 24 hour relay.

This year, I was asked to be on the comittee and took on the job of Registration Chair. It's an intimidating job, let me tell you. Being responsible for all the relayers, surviors, and team registration forms and money is a lot of work!! But it was so worth it.

As a city, we raised over $53,000 towards cancer research. Wow! How amazing and impowering. It feels good to have been apart of something so wonderful. To know that that money is going to help so many people feels awesome.

Me, my BFF and the Stallion pretty much stayed at the registration table all day. We were taking registation forms and money ALL day long, well into the night. It slowed down alot after about midnight. By 10:00 or so, the kids were all asleep in the tent. The Coach took off for home around midnight. Around 1 AM, me and the Stallion took off to his house down the street, took a shower, got some PJ's on and went back. We grabbed some Del Taco (2AM Del Taco rules) and ate in the car. We ended up talking about our grandma's, sharing a few tears, and just really opening up to each other in another way we haven't. We also had some "alone time" (for the second time that night LOL) in the car... The event was held at his school and he kinda got off on that haha. After that, we went walking around the school. There is a big bridge that seperates the fields from the campus and we walked up on it, sat under the stars and talked. After that, it was (round 3) then time for a little bit of sleep. It was about 5am by that time. We slept in the motor home for about an hour then woke up to close out the ceremony. We didnt leave the field until after 1pm Sunday afternoon. We had to get the final count of money in to be dropped at the bank. It was a long 24 hours.

One of the best times of the relay is the luminaria ceremony. This years did not go as well as last years, but it was still very important to those of us who have lost people to cancer. The bag on the left brought new respect and even more love for The One Who Makes My Heart Smile. As I was walking the lap for the luminaria ceremony with my Sunshine, I saw him hunched next to this bag, with his head down. I had no idea at the time what he was doing. Later that night, he lead me over to the bag and explained that this was the luminaria made to honor his granmother, who passed 2 years ago this June to cancer. We talked later about it and he was able to reflect on the love he had for her. It brought us that much closer together...

Overall, the relay was a success. I cannot wait until next year. I have so many ideas on how to make registration better and ways that I will be able to enjoy the relay but still know that the registration area is being handled. Hopefully next year I can bring back as many memories as I did this year.